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Help your child bring their values to life

Knowing our values and acting upon them is good for us in many ways. Empower your kiddo by helping them bring one of their values to life.

Connect with your kids on vacation

For many parents, school vacations feel like a time to "get through." But it is possible to truly appreciate the long stretches of time with your children, in the moment as they're happening.

The best gift for your child? Empathy.

The most important factor in determining health and happiness over the lifespan is relationships. And what is the one essential quality that binds and holds relationships together? It is empathy.

Getting Along with Teachers

Your child isn't going to gel with every teacher, but they can learn important social skills about how to navigate a system and deal with authority figures.

How's your child fitting in with peers?

Figuring out how to relate to peers and find a comfortable place in a social group is one of the most important jobs of the school years.

The superpower of family stories

The stories you tell – about yourself, your family history, and your kiddo's earlier years – have some amazing super powers over and above other stories.

What to do about social anxiety

When joining a new peer group, whether starting a new activity, camp, or sometimes even arriving at a birthday party, social anxiety is perfectly normal... and incredibly uncomfortable!

Managing conflict in friendships

Conflict in relationships are normal. When you teach the skills to resolve conflict, relationships can be even stronger on the other side.

How to "bully-proof" your child

Bullying harms the victim, the bully, and the bystander. But the underlying drives – for status, belonging, and power among peers – will continue to foster this behavior.

Is comparison stealing any of your child's joy?

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others. Don't be alarmed if your kiddo compares themself to peers, but try not to let it lead to an erosion of self-esteem.

Managing consumerism and the desire for stuff

What our kids want, and what we get them. How much, how often, and what it means to them personally and socially… Parenting in a consumer society is tough!

Help your child nurture friendships

Friendships are essential in childhood, and throughout life. Yet most of us are not taught how to nurture and navigate friendship. Read on for Friendship 101.

Mark the summer with family rituals

Rituals can be a way to mark the passage of time and set intentions together as a family. The fun part? You can make up rituals to suit yourselves!

Toward anti-racist parenting

As parents, we are helping to shape the future. To make our country and the world more just and begin to repair the effects of past inequalities, you can start by building anti-racism in your own family.

Get joy by giving to others

Want a great boost in feelings of contentment, competence, and connection? Do a social giving project with your kiddo!

Enhance your family-team dynamics

Borrow from the worlds of work, sports, and summer camps to learn how to instill a highly functional culture of teamwork in your family.

A growth mindset helps in social relations too

A growth mindset in social relationships helps your child approach interpersonal interactions with more flexibility and resilience.

Encouraging acts of Kindness & Love

There is so much emphasis on being loved in our culture, that we often forget about the power of doing loving acts – and that being loving and kind is often the best way to feel love.

Giving is a gift

When kids are young, our culture tends to think of children as receivers of gifts. But kids also get enormous benefits from giving gifts, and holidays are a wonderful time to practice generosity and giving.

Don't deny your child the benefits of chores

Chores often fall off the bottom of modern kids' to-do lists, but they are actually hugely beneficial for kids and families.

Always repair ruptures

All relationships experience ebbs and flows in connections, and at times, emotionally distressing ruptures. Practice relationship repair with your kiddo, to keep your connection in great shape.

Talking about the tough stuff

As a parent it's natural to want to shield your child from all the sad and painful realities of the world. But ultimately it's best to make space for difficult conversations with your child.

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