Research-based ideas for parents to connect and support your kids' development

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Great expectations for your child

Lots of research backs up the notion that kids perform better when we expect more of them... except when we expect too much. Here's how the get the balance right.

Attune deeply to calm you and your child

Our bodies react to stress and trauma on a pre-verbal level, influencing heart rate, tensions, digestion, and more. Counteract the stress with deep attunement with your child.

Enhance your family-team dynamics

Borrow from the worlds of work, sports, and summer camps about how to instill a highly functional culture of teamwork in your family.

Use this time for FLOW

Kids learn best when they reach flow – a state of deep immersion and engagement in their work or project. The good news is, you can create the conditions for flow at home.

Strengthening your resilience-system

In times of challenge and turbulence, whether personal or global, strengthening your emotional resiliency system is at least as important as strengthening your body's immune system.

A growth mindset helps in social relations too

A growth mindset in social relationships helps your child approach interpersonal interactions with more flexibility and resilience.

Recovering from failure and disappointment

The bitter feelings that arise from failure and disappointment are some of the most difficult for our children – and all people – to deal with. Help them meet these experiences with a growth mindset.

How can you support math at home?

Parents can do a lot to support your child's math skills at home, and your child will benefit greatly.

How kind are you to yourself?

Parents also need a positive internal narrative. Even if you believe this logically, you may meet a some resistance from yourself as you try to create a more loving internal narrative. Here are a few ideas to help.

Raising a kind kiddo

There is so much emphasis on being loved in our culture, that we often forget about the power of doing loving acts – and that being loving and kind is often the best way to feel love.

Help your child thrive by setting limits

Setting limits may seem like a drag, but it is an essential part of parenting. Here are some ways to set limits more effectively.

Protect your boundaries this holiday

The holiday season is a cultural time of letting go of normal limits and boundaries. On the one hand, this can be a pleasurable release valve. On the other hand, routines and limits help us feel safe and in control. How to get the balance right?

Building self-esteem as a learner

In addition to school subjects, your child is also learning about themselves as a learner. Help them develop academic confidence and a growth mentality.

Help your child bring their values to life

Knowing and acting upon our values is good for us in many ways. Empower your kiddo by helping them bring one of their values to life.

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