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Fostering internal motivation

Adolescents often weigh present rewards more than working hard for future rewards. How can we strengthen their resolve to take on difficult topics and tasks, such as working hard in school?

Adolescents and school

School is an incredibly important environment for adolescents, and there is a lot of big work happening, completely aside from all the academics!

Teen sleep

Bedtime can cause a lot of friction between parents and teens, but they are not necessarily stalling or being irresponsible on purpose. Their natural biorhythms, as well as responsibilities and social life may all be working against them.

Play! (Even for adolescents)

The world is getting much more complex for adolescents, but continuing to find opportunities for play with your teen is one of the best parenting moves you can make.

Connect with Your Adolescent About Bullying

Bullying harms the victim, the bully, and the bystander. But the underlying drives – for status, belonging, and power among peers – will continue to foster this behavior.

Feel it to heal it

Emoting is the body's natural way to process and release our life experiences. Learn to ride the wave with your child.

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