Research-based ideas for parents to connect and support your kids' development

Give yourself credit

Parenting is a marathon under the best of circumstances, but the past five months have been and ultra mega endurance challenge. And guess what - you're still here! Take a moment to rest and give yourself credit.

Elementary Parent Self-care

Talking about the tough stuff

As a parent it's natural to want to shield your child from all the sad and painful realities of the world. But ultimately it's best to make space for difficult conversations with your child.

Elementary Social Dev't

Supporting your child's authenticity

Being authentic – acting in accordance with your own thoughts, emotions, and values – has many proven benefits for well-being. How do we support our kids in knowing and showing their authenticity?

Elementary Emotional Dev't

Mark the summer with family rituals

Rituals can be a way to mark the passage of time and set intentions together as a family. The fun part? You can make up rituals to suit yourselves!

Elementary Social Dev't

Explore the world with the scientific method

Summer is great time for kids to explore the natural world and practice the scientific method at the same time.

Elementary Cognitive Dev't

The joy of being present together

Our culture puts most of the focus on do-ing, but be-ing with our kids is essential for their, and our, mental health.

Elementary Emotional Dev't

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