Research-based ideas for parents to connect and support your kids' development

Creating your interdependent village

In parenting, it takes a village. Abandon the idea of independence, and embrace a model of interdependence – it turns out this is better for our kids anyway.

Elementary Emotional Dev't

Help your child manage stress

Stress occurs in all sorts of ways throughout our lives, and helping you child learn to successfully navigate stress is key to feeling good and accomplishing what they want in the world.

Elementary Emotional Dev't

Keeping your calm when triggered

Despite our best intentions and visions of the parents we want to be, we all sometimes get triggered when parenting. And yet, it is worth learning to 'self-regulate,' both for your child's sake and your own.

Elementary Parent Self-care

Principles for managing screen time

Digital technology has many benefits, as well as many potential negative effects for children's well-being. Engage your child in proactively managing screens.

Elementary Cognitive Dev't

Partnering with your child's teacher & school

Your child will learn best if you partner with their teacher to reinforce their learning at home. Read on for strategies.

Elementary Cognitive Dev't

Give yourself credit

Parenting is a marathon under the best of circumstances, but the past five months have been and ultra mega endurance challenge. And guess what - you're still here! Take a moment to rest and give yourself credit.

Elementary Parent Self-care

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