Research-based ideas for parents to connect and support your kids' development

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No Punishment

There are more effective ways to shape behavior than punishment, which has been shown to lead to poorer outcomes.

"Feel it to heal it"

Emoting is the body's natural way to process and release our life experiences.

Get Physical

Kids feel and communicate with their bodies! Help them shake off tension, feel good and connect with active play and rough-housing.

Non-verbal Connection

Connecting deeply with your child on a non-verbal level is a great way to counteract stress – for both of you.

Parent Self-care

Getting your own needs met is essential to meeting the ever evolving needs of your children.

Empathy & Validation

All humans need empathy and validation. We need to be seen, understood, and accepted.


Genuine connection with our kids starts with listening to them. Listening lets them know they matter and usually helps empathize with their point of view.

Keep Your Cool

The technical term for this is “parental self-regulation.” Practice the ability to stay above the storm as your child releases emotions, even when they seem like personal attacks.

Special Time

Give your child the gift of a dedicated time with you, daily or whenever possible, where they call the shots.


As grownups, we tend to think that to be effective, things have to be serious. But with children, the opposite is often true.

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